The 5th International Conference on Auditory Cortex will be held at the Herrenkrug Parkhotel, a resort beautifully set in the picturesque parkland on the Elbe river.

Photo of MagdeburgThe city of Magdeburg is the capital of Saxony-Anhalt. It is located in the center of Germany, not far from other places of interest:

The former imperial city fascinates its visitors and guests with its more than 1200 years of history. In its varied past, Magdeburg experienced alternating times of heavy destruction and prosperity which today shape the cityscape. Well-preserved architectural monuments from all stylistic periods remind us of the city's former splendour and wealth.

Not without reason a part of the Romanesque Road ("Straße der Romanik") runs through Magdeburg. Besides the Romanesque monastery "Kloster Unser Lieben Frauen" and several churches of that time, it is mainly Magdeburg's cathedral - the city's landmark - which shapes the historical cityscape.

Magdeburg has a lot to offer! Visitors looking for quietness will find a green city with numerous parks, a zoo, and the wonderful exotic "Gruson" greenhouses offering a lot of space to relax and dream. With the Elbe river and its unique scenic flood plains the surrounding countryside is also a must for every nature lover.

For further information on the city of Magdeburg and its vicinity, please visit the Magdeburg homepage.

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Herrenkrug Parkhotel an der Elbe
Herrenkrug 3
D-39114 Magdeburg
Phone: +49-391-8508-0
Fax: +49-391-8508-501

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